Matthew Stafford Buys California Palace For $10.5 Million

Matthew Stafford is the proud new owner of an absolutely massive California estate.

The Los Angeles Rams gunslinger has scooped up a palace Hidden Hills, California for the very cheap price of $10.5 million, according to

The estate's details are also downright absurd. Stafford's new 11,320 square-foot digs includes eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a small vineyard operation, wine cellar, a legit kitchen, library, pool and much more.

He also managed to score a significant discount on the property. The original asking price was $13.7 million. It's never a bad day when you get to shave $3.2 million off the asking price.

It's also the third home in the area the NFL star now owns. The three properties have a combined value of $21.5 million.

Matthew Stafford is living the life.

Life is good when you're an NFL player. Life is really good when you're a top NFL quarterback. That's a role that gets you paid in a huge way.

Matthew Stafford has earned a staggering $300.8 million during his NFL career, and that number will likely exceed $400 million if he sticks around for a few years.

He has money to spend. There's no doubt about that, and real estate is apparently where he likes to splurge. This isn't just a mansion.

It's an estate for a third world dictator. Seriously, it comes with its own vineyard. How cool is that? Even if you hate wine (hand up), it's pretty awesome.

Stafford might have had a disappointing season due to health issues, but clearly, he's not down too bad. He's stacking up properties like they're going out of style.

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