Matt Rhule Still Won't Name A Starting QB, Might Be Trying To Orchestrate A Trade: REPORT

The Carolina Panthers are still taking their time naming a starting quarterback between Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold.

It was reported Monday that the former Browns starter and first overall pick was in control of the QB battle in Carolina, but coach Matt Rhule still isn't rushing to name his QB1.

Ed Greenberger reported that Rhule is still a couple weeks away from officially naming a starter, and the reason why might be because the team is trying to orchestrate a trade to get Darnold out of town.

If a trade does happen, Matt Corral would then slide into the QB2 role.

The quarterback situation in Carolina has quickly become one of the most fascinating stories in all sports, and all eyes are on Mayfield and Darnold.

By all accounts, it's Mayfield's job to lose in Carolina, and while Darnold might be more consistent, the team feels Baker's big play ability can open things up.

Given what we know, the question now is when Rhule officially makes Mayfield QB1 for the Panthers. It sounds like the decision has already been made.

It's just a matter of when it goes public.

This also could be great for Matt Corral. He's not likely going to play this year anyways. However, being in the QB2 role could accelerate his development.

What a wild time for everyone in the QB room in Carolina!

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