Marshawn Lynch Set To Join Amazon's 'Thursday Night Football' Broadcast Two Months After DUI

Marshawn Lynch has been hired by Amazon Prime to be a part of its 'Thursday Night Football' pregame broadcast team. The former NFL running back's jolt into the broadcasting world comes after he was arrested and charged with DUI in August.


Amazon's vice president of Global Sports Video, Marie Donoghue, told the New York Post that Lynch's DUI isn't the reason he's just now starting on the broadcast for the network's fifth game of the season.

“I think Marshawn wanted to work through some things,” Donoghue said. “We were already working with him." Donoghue added: "We never walked away. We just worked through some things with him and we’re excited."We can’t wait for him to join.”

Lynch was arrested for DUI in Las Vegas after being pulled over at 7:25 AM. He was pulled over after being seen driving into curbs on the side of the road.

Bodycam footage was released by Las Vegas police which showed police officers pulling Lynch out of his beat-up Mustang after he failed to comply with deputies. Lynch’s vehicle was reportedly discovered with one tire missing and a flat tire on the opposite side.

Six months prior to his most recent DUI arrest - he was charged in 2012 as well - Lynch crashed his Lamborghini and fled the scene. According to police documents, Lynch struck a curb before ending up in a landscape area in Vegas.

He was eventually cited for the crash and cut a plea deal with prosecutors in April. Lynch was ordered to pay $750 in fines and fees.

Lynch will take part in three to four-minute-long features called 'N Yo' City.' The first will air ahead of Commanders-Bears this Thursday night.

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