Mario Cristobal Offers Blunt Advice For Snowflake Parents

Miami Hurricanes coach Mario Cristobal has zero tolerance for parents who are unhappy with him.

Cristobal and the Hurricanes have had a disappointing season, and the team is 5-5 with a pair of games left. For reasons that won't make sense at all, some parents have taken to social media in order to vent frustrations with how the team is being run, according to

What does the Miami coach think? Parents can come get their kids at any time of day and get the hell out.

"I have not had a parent do that with me. If a parent is unhappy about something with a player or their situation at Miami, I haven’t had anybody come up to me with it. I’m a parent myself and I think it’s important to teach stuff like adults in a face-to-face manner. As it relates to posting on social media, I was raised very differently for something like that. A parent is very free and welcome to pick up their son if they are not happy with their playing time at the University of Miami. I guess that’s my philosophy," Cristobal told the media when discussing negative opinions on social media from the parents of players, according to 247Sports.

Mario Cristobal deserves to be applauded for his comments.

This is the exact way you handle parents throwing fits about their kids. His response couldn't have been any better.

We're talking about major college football. It's not pop warner with a bunch of young children. We're talking about major college football.

One of the best parts about sports is that they're a meritocracy. The cream rises to the top and the best players play. No coach is dumb enough to bench his best players because it would ultimately cost him his job.

If you're an adult and your adult child doesn't understand that, then that's a problem with you. It's not with the coaching staff.

And, as Cristobal pointed out, you're free to come get your kids whenever you'd like. This was the only response that was truly a good option, and Cristobal was right to make his stance crystal clear.

You simply can't negotiate with parents who publicly air issues. Hell, even privately, there's no reason to ever tell a college football coach how to run his program.

Props to Cristobal for having the guts to say what so many people won't in 2022. Either get with the program, or get the hell out.

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