Major College Football Could Split From The NCAA: REPORT

Discussions have reportedly occurred surrounding whether or not major college football should split from the NCAA.

There have long been whispers that college football powerhouses want to dip from the NCAA's oversight, and those whispers are apparently getting a bit louder.

The College Football Playoff's Board of Managers discussed during a Monday meeting whether or not the NCAA should no longer govern the sport, according to ESPN.

Instead of the National Collegiate Athletic Association being the governing authority over the greatest sport in America, the College Football Playoff might end up overseeing it.

Discussions are in the "early stages," and the topic was only briefly discussed during the meeting, according to the same report.

The thinking behind major college football splitting from the NCAA is pretty simple. Powerhouse teams and powerhouse conferences like the SEC and Big Ten want the freedom to do what they want.

The NCAA has restrictions and rules, and even in the era of NIL, the organization can still attempt to exert authority and control.

If there's more money to be made outside of the NCAA and more freedom to be enjoyed for programs, it's not hard to understand why they might want to dip.

However, it sounds like we're still not close to a split actually happening. Discussions are in the very early stages. That means fans shouldn't get their hopes up that it happens soon!

It's still pretty interesting what was once nothing more than a whispered rumor is now being openly discussed during meetings.

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