Mac Jones Tells Matt Patricia That His Offense 'F*****g Sucks'

Bill Belichick's decision to slot in former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia as the team's offensive coordinator is catching up to him.

A flat Patriots offense was at the center of a crushing 24-10 loss against the Buffalo Bills on Thursday night.

The loss spelled trouble for New England, not only for dropping the Pats to 6-6 but also for getting quarterback Mac Jones to hit a boiling point with the team's wonky offensive experiment under Patricia.

Jones was clearly unhappy with the offensive play-calling all night and stormed over to the sidelines at one point to put Patricia on blast.


By most accounts, the lip-reading from Jones' tirade read: "Throw the f**king ball, the running game f**king sucks." He finished the game completing 22 of 36 passes for 195 yards and a touchdown.

Patricia's running game did Mac no favors as Rhamondre Stevenson led the team with 54 yards.

The Pats were fortunate to get an interception by Bills safety Jordan Poyer overturned by officials in the second half, but they found no way to capitalize on offense.

Even on their lone scoring drive, it took a Herculean play by return specialist Marcus Jones, taking a screen pass 48 yards for the touchdown.

After the game, Jones admitted that the offense was short on production leading to his flare-up.

"Obviously kind of let my emotions get to me,'' Jones said. "What I said was kind of throwing it deeper instead of the short game ... I felt like we needed chunk plays."  

Jones tried covering up the verbal spat while instilling no confidence in Patricia's schematics moving forward.

“It wasn’t directed at anybody, just emotion coming out, and we kind of needed a spark,” Jones clarified.

As Mac Jones shows strong potential as a starting QB — throwing for 382 yards in Week 12 — the Pats are pressured to decide between keeping the Pro Bowler happy or leaving Patricia in charge of the offensive playbook.

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