Luka Doncic Arrives To Game In Vehicle Fit For Middle East Battlefield

Luka Doncic rolled up in style Wednesday night for the Mavericks/Hawks game.

Prior to the 130-122 loss to the Hawks, the talented guard arrived at the game in an Apocalypse Hellfire 6x6.

In case you've never seen one before, it looks like a hybrid between a light tank and a jeep. To put it simply, it looks absolutely awesome.

Luka Doncic looks ready for war or the Apocalypse.

Is Luka doing a little moonlighting as a member of special operations? Does he know something about an upcoming doomsday scenario the rest of us do not?

We all understand athletes buying fancy cars. It's very normal, but Luka Doncic didn't just buy a fancy car. He bought a vehicle that looks like it's off the streets of Baghdad circa 2005.

In case you're wondering how much one of these beasts costs, it goes for at least $150,000, according to some public listings online. Other listings have it in the ballpark of $200,000. The vehicle's weight is also roughly 6,000 pounds. That's a lot of power and size for Luka Doncic to roll with.

Below is a good shot of the Apocalypse Hellfire 6x6 from the side. If zombies start coming from us like it's "World War Z," you'd probably feel pretty safe in one of those.

Now, Luka Doncic just needs to load up on some rifles, shotguns, pistols and a flamethrower and he'll be perfectly suited to act out whatever apocalypse fantasy he might have. Don't threaten him with a good time because he's clearly ready to roll.

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