LSU's Flau’jae Johnson Likes Tweets Suggesting She Did Nothing Wrong After Flippant 9/11 Lyric

Despite a statement from LSU that they and basketball star Flau’jae Johnson would learn from rapping an inappropriate 9/11 lyric, there are signs Johnson is not regretful.

The young basketball player for the Tigers drew serious criticism after she dropped a new rap song and referenced the Twin Towers coming down.

"In this 911 blowing smoke just like them towers," Johnson rapped to her followers.

LSU later released a statement to me saying, "We spoke with Flau’jae this evening, and while she never intended to offend or upset anyone with her lyrics, she expressed sincere remorse for any possibility of a misunderstanding and immediately took the video down. We will learn and grow from this experience together."

The video has since been deleted.

Flau'jae Johnson doesn't seem to have much regret.

While LSU claims Johnson "expressed sincere remorse for any possibility of a misunderstanding," since then she liked a pair of tweets that appeared to indicate she didn't do anything wrong at all.

One tweet said she needs to drop the song again, and another was someone coming to her defense stating people need to "leave her THE F*CK ALONE."

That would appear to demonstrate that this was not a learning moment for Johnson. At least not yet.

Does she seem remorseful?

It's still the right thing to give Flau’jae Johnson the benefit of the doubt. She's young, wasn't alive when thousands of Americans were murdered on 9/11 by terrorist thugs and clearly still does not understand the gravity and severity of what happened on that terrible day.

In fact, I suggested she meet with families of those killed and veterans groups to understand why using 9/11 in the context she did is such an incredibly foolish thing to do.

Education is always the best option of ever attempting to cancel.

However, those Twitter "likes" make it hard to take LSU's statement about "sincere remorse" seriously.

We'll see how long it takes for Flau’jae Johnson to unlike these tweets. If her deleting the video is a sign of things to come, it won't be long at all. We have reached out to LSU and will update accordingly if the Tigers respond.

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