LSU Fans Start The Day With A Vulgar Chant, Proceed To Get Blown Out

LSU fans brought a lot of energy Saturday morning, but the team got hit with some quick karma.

About 45 minutes ahead of kickoff against the Tennessee Volunteers, the LSU faithful started loudly chanting/singing "Neck."

The famous song associated with the Tigers includes the thoughtful lyrics, "Suck that Tiger's d*ck, b*tch."

Given how much energy LSU fans showed before the game even started, you might have thought the Tigers started strong.

Wrong! The Volunteers started dismantling the Tigers right from the jump of the game. It was 20-0 early in the second quarter, and the offense for the Volunteers is on fire. Hendon Hooker already has a touchdown and 109 passing yards on 7/9 passing.

It's a very tough look when you start loudly chanting and singing the lyrics of neck and turn around to get smoked to open the game.

Josh Heupel's team was all over Brian Kelly's squad before LSU even realized what had happened to them. Turns out, singing "Neck" at the top of your lungs just isn't enough to set the tone for an SEC matchup.

If you're going to bring this kind of energy, you simply can't get blown out to open the game. It's really that simple for LSU and the Tigers.