Lions Player Taken Away In An Ambulance After Scary Injury

Detroit Lions defensive back Saivion Smith left the field against the Patriots in an ambulance Sunday.

The former Alabama and SEC player appeared to make light contact with New England tight end Hunter Henry, and just immediately collapsed on the field.

Medical personnel came out on the field and loaded Smith into an ambulance as players and coaches looked on. Prior to leaving, his father was pulled out of the stands and brought down to the ambulance.

It was announced on the Fox broadcast that Smith suffered some kind of neck injury, and clearly, the medical team on the field was treating it as a serious situation.

It's always scary when someone goes down after little to no contact, and it looked like him and Hunter Henry only briefly made light contact with each other.

Now, he's in an ambulance on his way to a local hospital in the Foxborough area. Hopefully, he's being treated this way as simply a precaution. You never want to see anyone suffer a serious injury.

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