Le'Veon Bell Gets Destroyed In Pro Boxing Debut

Boxing might not be for Le'Veon Bell after his performance Saturday night against Uriah Hall.

The former NFL running back fought the former MMA standout, and it didn't go well at all for Bell. By the time the fight was over, Hall was awarded a win by unanimous decision.

Not only did Bell get crushed, but he didn't even manage to win a single round.

Following the devastating loss, Bell took to Twitter and made it clear he has no intention of hanging up his boxing gloves.

"Def not the last time you’ll see me in the ring, I just gotta get better," the former Steelers star explained to his followers.

When Bell crushed Adrian Peterson, some people might have thought he'd be the next celebrity to turn to boxing as an actual career.

Jake Paul, who was on the same card, literally did the same thing and also won Saturday night against Anderson Silva.

However, Bell might want to stick to fighting other former football players or just hanging it up for good. Last night wasn't a good display at all.

Whenever you lose every single round, you're probably in way over your head. He also took some absolutely massive bombs from Hall.

Will Le'Veon Bell fight again? He certainly seems hellbent on doing so, but that just doesn't seem like a smart idea. It might be time for him to find a different hobby.

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