LeBron James Plays The Victim Card, Claims The Media Is Trying To 'Set' Him 'Up'

LeBron James thinks the media is out to get him.

The Lakers are currently 0-3, and it certainly seems like it's going to be a very long season in Los Angeles.

Sunday, the Lakers dropped a 106-104 contest to the Trailer Blazers, and an interesting shot selection from Russell Westbrook with 30 seconds remaining and a one-point lead definitely didn't help the cause.

When asked about, LeBron essentially tried to claim the media was setting him up for something.

"I don’t know, I feel like this is an interview of trying to set me up to say something. I can tell that you guys are in the whole Russell Westbrook category right now," James told the media Sunday when asked about the end of the game.

The four-time NBA champion also made it clear he hates losing. So, he hates losing and thinks the media is trying to flame him.

This response wasn't necessary from LeBron James.

Generally speaking, it's the job of the media to get answers, press players on specifics and seek clarification when necessary.

The Lakers had a one-point lead and the ball with 30 seconds left. As you can see in the video, James was not happy with what Westbrook did.

How is asking about that setting him up to say something? All he needs to do is tell the truth. Is there a reason that would be a problem? There's definitely no need to passively aggressively go after people asking basic questions.

There's also an even easier solution to this situation that LeBron James is complaining about. If you don't allow your body language to be so obviously atrocious, reporters might not notice your displeasure and ask about it.

Instead, LeBron showed visible frustration at what Westbrook did in the final 30 seconds that cost the team the game. When reporters see that, they're going to ask some questions.

Not difficult to understand.

Instead of acting like people are out to get him, LeBron James should just answer the questions and move on. It's shockingly simple to understand.

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