Lane Kiffin Obliterates Hugh Freeze With Epic Tweet

Lane Kiffin woke up Wednesday morning and chose violence.

Kiffin was believed to be in the running, but ultimately ended up staying in Oxford with the Ole Miss Rebels. When Kiffin didn't go to Auburn, the Tigers opted to hire Hugh Freeze, who comes with plenty of baggage.

For unknown reasons, Freeze took a bit of a subtle jab at Ole Miss, which pushed him out the door after he allegedly contacted escorts on a school phone, when he told the media, "I feel like this is, no offense to another school or anything, but I feel like I've leapfrogged where I was at that time (Ole Miss) by being in this family and this culture here."

Well, that didn't sit well at all with Kiffin. The Ole Miss coach came off the top rope and tweeted that he would respond to Freeze, "but I guess you aren't allowed to respond by @AuburnFootball now." The tweet included a "I've been a bad boy" gif.

The tweet is a reference to the report Auburn forced Hugh Freeze to give up his social media. The Tigers disputed the report to OutKick and Freeze also denied it during his introductory press conference.

However, Lane Kiffin clearly feels the report has some legs.

Lane Kiffin isn't playing games.

I had to actually double check that this was actually Lane Kiffin's account and not a troll account using Twitter Blue to trick people.

It's definitely real, and that makes this situation absolutely incredible. Freeze talked about how he "leapfrogged" from where he was during his time at Ole Miss, and Kiffin came in for a kill shot.

Remember, Freeze was accused of allegedly DMing a sexual assault survivor to defend Liberty AD Ian McCaw as the school faced a huge lawsuit for it's handling of sexual assault claims. That's one of the most inappropriate things you could ever allegedly do as a grown man and employee of a school.

So, Kiffin had more than enough ammo to play with if he wanted to come at Freeze, and that's exactly what he did. The gif is simply the cherry on top.

If there's one lesson to be learned here it's that you shouldn't mess with Ole Miss as long as Lane Kiffin is the head coach. If you do, he's going to light you up in front of the world. Just an incredible way for the college football world to start its Wednesday morning.