Lakers Rising Star Austin Reaves Trolls Ex-Teammate Patrick Beverley With 'Too Small' Gesture

Patrick Beverley got a taste of his own medicine, and it was Lakers rising star Austin Reaves who kicked Beverley while he was down Wednesday night.

The Lakers beat the Chicago Bulls, 121-110, in a critical win to return to .500 (38-38) and climb the Western Conference standings (8th).

To sweeten the win, Reaves got back at Patrick Beverley after the ex-Laker went to Arena and disrespected the entirety of the Laker brand en route to a Bulls win on Sunday.


Beverley went nuclear against the home crowd at Crypto: yelling out expletives at fans; calling out Lakers superfan Shannon Sharpe; and also going at LeBron James with a "too small" gesture on the court.

Pat Bev, who was traded out of LA in February, quickly became persona non grata.

With 2:54 left in the fourth quarter, Reaves extended the Lakers' comfortable lead to 14 points after hitting a floater over Beverley. The undrafted Lakers guard returned a long-awaited favor by giving Beverley the "too small" sign.

Perfectly timed troll by Reaves, and embarrassing for Beverley ... honestly.


For his bravery, Reaves was dapped up by his team and even got a shout-out from LeBron in a postgame interview. LBJ commended AR-15 for always having his back.

The troll job helped skyrocket Austin Reaves' popularity, despite already being LA basketball's favorite storyline of the year. Or at least tied with Russell Westbrook.

The Lakers jump to the eighth seed in the West and take on the Timberwolves on Friday.

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