Kyrie Irving's Instagram Mysteriously Suspended For No Apparent Reason

Kyrie Irving can't stay on the court or on social media without interruption.

On Thursday, the 30-year-old Brooklyn Nets guard announced that his Instagram account had been abruptly suspended, citing no known reason for the platform's ban.

Using a spare account (KD, anyone?), Irving posted a message on the platform banning his account, claiming he has no insight into a possible violation that he may have committed.

Kyrie posted, " suspended my @kyrieirving account, idk why, nor do I care to know the reason why."

He added, "Tribe My Tribe: Make sure y’all are paying attention to everything that’s going on. Stand firm no matter what."

At the start of the NBA season, Irving was under fire for posting a link to a film deemed by many as anti-semitic, which prompted several media pundits to call for his banning on Twitter.


Irving caught flack after freely promoting the film, Hebrew to Negroes, which was available on Amazon for purchase. Despite all of the vitriol thrown at Irving, none of his critics based Amazon for the sale of the film. Irving kept his tweet live until Nets owner Joe Tsai required him to remove it and fulfill a list of requirements if he wanted to step back onto the court in a Nets uniform.

Kyrie, who recently received the most All-Star fan votes for guards in the Eastern Conference, ultimately complied after being suspended for eight consecutive games by the team.

Nike also got involved by dropping Irving as one of their branded athletes after objecting to the "anti-semitic" material he posted on social media.

Irving's first run-in with controversy came last season when he openly refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine and missed more than half of the Nets' games that year.

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