Justin Tucker Mocks Russell Wilson On Plane Ride Home

The Baltimore Ravens took the beating to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Thursday Night Football, defeating them 27-22. Afterwards, Ravens kicker Justin Tucker brought the jabs to another NFL quarterback - this time the Denver Broncos' Russell Wilson.

The veteran kicker mocking Wilson's absurd plane workout routine that made him the laughing stock of sports Twitter this past week.


The video, which was posted on teammate Marlon Humphrey's Instagram, begins with Tucker asking, "What are we doing on the plane ride home? I heard Lamar's leading us in high knees." Before adding, "Ravens flock, let's fly."

Boom. Nailed it. That's the equivalent of a game winning 60-yard field goal right there for Tuck.

I love Tucker's jab because it was so subdued and on the spot smoothness. Plus I'm also starting to be over Russell Wilson.

Who can forget his "Mr. Unlimited" moment? Cringe to the MAX.

Wilson has been absolutely miserable this year and the Broncos - who the NFL keeps painfully making us watch during primetime games are awful at 2-5.

You combine those pathetic stats with Wilson openly telling, practically bragging to reporters that he was doing workout drills on a damn airplane of all things with people around him, I kind of now don't like the guy.


To get ripped on is one thing in the locker room. To get ripped on when you're a ridiculously talented quarterback by an opposing team's KICKER of all players? Yikes. That's not supposed to happen. But it did and I think it's a brilliant rub on the once dominant Seahawks quarterback.

We'll see if Wilson has a comment on it in the following days. If not, maybe he'll get his revenge when Denver (2-5) heads to Baltimore (3-3) to square off on December 4th.

Imagine the trash talk that's going to be happening by the Ravens defense every time they line up? Get the damn popcorn ready.

Tucker went 2-3 on field goals with one blocked on Thursday's defeat of the Bucs. Meanwhile, Wilson has been cleared to return after suffering a hamstring injury. He'll now start this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London.

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