Justin Fields Throws Laughably Bad Pass During Training Camp

Justin Fields threw an embarrassing ball during a recent training camp session.

The Chicago Bears QB spotted a wide open player in the end zone, and instead of dropping the ball in the basket, he threw it clean over the players head.

In terms of bad throws, this is certainly among the worst we've seen from a QB so far during the camp portion of the season!

It's pretty much impossible to get more wide open than that. That's the dream scenario for any offensive player on a football field.

When you're that open, you might have enough time to cook yourself dinner before a defender shows up.

Yet, instead of completing a very easy pass, Fields sent the ball sailing into outer space. While it's only a bad pass in training camp, that's definitely not something you want to see!

The last thing any fan wants to see is the team's second year quarterback missing passes your average high school QB could complete with ease.

Again, it's only training camp, but Fields might want to get it figured out sooner than later. There's no excuse for sailing a ball like this to a wide open receiver.

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