Justin Fields Is NOT A Fan Of Chicago Weather

Justin Fields is capable of doing one thing Deion Sanders isn't:

Admitting when it's cold.

While the Colorado coach refuses to admit it gets cold in Boulder, the dual-threat face of the Bears has no problem admitting the weather gets chilly.

In fact, he's very open about not being a huge fan of playing outdoors in cold and windy conditions in Chicago.

"I hope we get a dome. I don't care if we're at Soldier Field, I don't care if we're at Arlington Heights. I hope we get a dome," Fields said when talking on "Pardon my Take" about the stadium situation in Chicago, according to NBC Chicago.

Fields then explained he's really not a fan of adjusting to the cold weather and added, "Yes, it is very difficult to adjust to it, especially with the wind. That's what I found out. That's what it's all about, is the wind. It can be cold. It can be 10 degrees. But, with no wind you're fine. But with that 15 mile per hour wind, that 20 mile per hour wind, you can't fight it, it's tough. When it's that cold, you have to bundle up. I feel way slower in that cold. It's hard to stay warm in that weather."

Justin Fields doesn't like cold weather.

It's pretty interesting Fields makes these comments amid speculation the Bears might use the first pick to draft his replacement. With Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud coming out in this draft class, there's been a lot of chatter about whether or not the Bears could pull the trigger on a QB the franchise likes more.

That's not to say that's a guarantee, but it's definitely a possibility. So, while the team is deciding Fields' future, he's busy talking about how terrible Chicago weather can be. To be clear, he's 100% correct.

Again, unlike OutKick fan favorite Deion Sanders, Justin Fields knows what cold is when he feels it. Chicago can be brutally cold and the winds make it even worse. Now, imagine it being freezing and you have to stand outside for ours in a packed stadium getting hit and slinging it around. Not ideal conditions at all.

Maybe, Fields will find himself traded to a warm city or a team with a dome. Or, the Bears could keep him and he'll have to learn to gut it out. Either way, it certainly seems like Fields doesn't want to freeze his butt off in December in Chicago.

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