Justin Fields Gets Brutally Honest After Latest Loss

Justin Fields is not happy with the state of the Chicago Bears.

The Bears lost 12-7 Thursday night in an incredibly ugly game to the Washington Commanders, and Fields was less than stellar.

When the clock hit zero, he finished with 190 passing yards on 14/27 passing with a touchdown and interception. He also tacked on another 88 rushing yards. It wasn't great, and he's sick and tired of hearing about how close Chicago is to being good.

"Everybody's mad. Nobody's happy about this loss. We always get told we're almost there. We're almost there, like, me personally, I'm tired of being almost there," Fields told the media after the tough Thursday night loss.

It's not hard to understand why Fields is so unhappy with the product on the field for the 2-4 Bears. The offense in Chicago is unbelievably bad. Despite the defense holding teams to fewer than 20 points a game on average, Justin Fields and the offense are only averaging 15.5 points a game. It's abysmal.

On the season, Fields has 869 passing yards, four touchdowns and five interceptions through six games.

The more you think about it, is anyone actually even saying the Bears are close to being good? On paper, Chicago is awful and doesn't seem close to even being average.

What's clear now is frustrations are boiling over, and Fields can't even pretend that's not the case. If you're a fan of the Bears, it might be time to start worrying. Things are going bad, the offense is laughable and it looks like there's no hope in sight. Not great at all for the faithful Bears fans.

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