Josh Primo Lawsuit Has Many Interesting Revelations About Spurs Behavior

News broke recently that Josh Primo, former San Antonio Spurs player, has been accused of exposing himself to team psychologist Dr. Hillary Cauthen multiple times.

Primo has denied the charges, with sources close to him adamant he did nothing wrong:


But Thursday, Cauthen filed suit against Primo and the Spurs with a number of surprising new allegations.

OutKick read the complaint that Cauthen's lawyer submitted, and there a number of important takeaways about the Spurs behavior.

Allegedly, Primo first exposed himself in December 2021, which Cauthen reported almost immediately according to the complaint.

She requested a meeting with Brian Wright, the team's General Manager in January 2022 to discuss the incident. Wright, however, apparently continuously postponed the meeting. This happened despite his awareness of what the meeting was regarding.

They eventually met on March 21st, two months after the initial request.

Cauthen told Wright about his alleged conduct and that she was uncomfortable being alone with Primo. He apparently was receptive and promised that they would work to fix the behavior.

Nothing Changed With Primo

Primo continued to meet with Cauthen afterward, when he allegedly repeated the behavior. According to Cauthen, at their next meeting he exposed himself again, even though they were in a public place.

Several months passed before Cauthen met with the head of HR and Deputy General Counsel. The complaint claims that her that after speaking to Primo, they wanted to have a "facilitated conversation" about the incidents.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was aware of the accusations and "wanted to do right by her."

When her contract came up for renewal, however, the Spurs declined to re-sign her.

Assuming these allegations are true, it's an extremely bad look for the Spurs organization and coach Gregg Popovich.

Popovich has historically been perhaps the most "woke" head coach in a league full of them. Yet when provided with an opportunity to act on his supposed beliefs, he apparently failed.

Both he and the team were made aware multiple times of Primo's alleged behavior, yet did nothing to stop it. It took several additional incident for the Spurs to take his behavior seriously.

Practicing what you preach is apparently not part of Popovich's playbook.

Popovich recently claimed he was "sick and tired of 50- and 60- and 70-year-old white men screwing up all our lives because they are selfish and really care about nothing else but their position."

But if Hillary Cauthen is to be believed, Popovich appears to be part of the "problem" he claims to care so much about.

Spurs CEO RC Buford issued a statement late on Thursday denying the allegations:

The full complaint is below:

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