Jorge Masvidal Has No Interest In Fighting Jake Paul

Don't expect to see Jorge Masvidal strapping on the gloves against Jake Paul.

There was a time when Masvidal seemed interested in cutting it up against Jake Paul. In an infamous Instagram post that is no longer up, the UFC star ranted (via Daily Caller), "Listen, man, you can’t f**king afford me…You can’t afford me to come over. Let me tell you a little secret about me you didn’t know. I fight for money or to fight the best in the world, and you’re neither."

Now, it sounds like Masvidal couldn't care less after Jake Paul lost to Tommy Fury.

Masvidal said the following during an interview with Sporting News (via

If he would have stayed undefeated and all of a sudden would have became an actual household name, I would have loved to burst that bubble. I would have broke right through his f*cking face because at the end of the day, when he was a Disney princess living that life, I was already earning my stripes and competing. From the backyards, all the way to headlining shows in Miami. This dude and me is more just like him to boost his name up and stuff like that. Especially now that I got a fight coming up coincidentally he wants to call me out. This guy sees me and he runs from me.

Jorge Masvidal is OUT on Jake Paul.

Now that Jake Paul has a loss, it really does feel like his boxing career has lost all its energy and momentum.

Initially, everyone kind of looked at Logan Paul's younger brother as a bit of a joke. He was just calling out older and washed up UFC fighters far out of their prime to box.

He beat former MMA pros Tyron Woodley (2x), Ben Askren and Anderson Silva going into the bout against Tommy Fury. Then, the moment Jake Paul fought an actual boxer, he got pieced up and it wasn't particularly close.

It's not a surprise Jorge Masvidal isn't interested. What's the upside for him? Masvidal, who is one of the most entertaining guys in combat sports, makes plenty of money, is an established UFC star and has nothing to prove.

At this point, are we even sure Jake Paul can keep selling PPVs? The entire shtick is kind of over now that Tommy Fury, a relatively low-level boxer, dispatched him with ease.

What would be way more entertaining would be if Jake Paul did a UFC match against Masvidal. Now, that is something that would sell tickets like hot cakes. Granted, it'd be over in seconds, but who wouldn't pay to watch it? Even with Jorge Masvidal on a losing streak, he would still hospitalize Jake Paul if he wanted to.

For now, it seems like Masvidal couldn't care less. It looks like Jake Paul will have to hope Tommy Fury has the time to fight him again.

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