UFC Star Jorge Masvidal Rips Defunding The Police: ‘Going To Get F*cking Murked’

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UFC sensation Jorge Masvidal thinks you’d have to be a moron to defund the police.

For reasons that don’t make sense to rational people, there’s been a huge movement on the left to defund the police. Amid major crime issues and violent riots across the country in 2020, people want to know somebody has their back. Instead of doing more to keep communities safe, some politicians and activists have argued for the exact opposite:

Take money away from the police.

Jorge Masvidal doesn’t support defunding the police. (Photo by SETH HERALD/AFP via Getty Images)

That means fewer dollars for training, salaries and equipment. Masvidal thinks you’re simply asking for more bloodshed if you do it.

“I grew up in not the best neighborhoods. Believe me, you don’t want to defund the police. The people that will be alright is, like, you and me because I could hire a security team and so could you. But how about everybody else that can’t? They’re going to get f*cking murked, bro. Because there’s people on the other side that are really f*cking hungry that are for real bad guys. You take the police away, you take that filter away, you’re asking for trouble,” Masvidal said during an recent interview with Joe Rogan.

The UFC star also scoffed at the idea of no cash bail and ripped violent criminals getting out early.

Jorge Masvidal is 100% correct.

There’s no question Jorge Masvidal is correct. If society falls apart and there’s no law and order, who will run everything?

The strongest, most violent and most well-armed people out there. You’ll be at the mercy of criminals. Let’s hope they’re understanding and peaceful.

Of course, they won’t be. It will be a disaster unlike anything you can imagine. If you want a preview of society without law and order, just look at Kenosha, Portland, Washington D.C. summer 2020 and a variety of other cities.

As recently as January, rioters attacked police in Atlanta. You think those idiots will get more peaceful without any law and order? No chance.

It might not be popular to say, but Jorge Masvidal is absolutely correct. You can’t run around defunding cops unless you want unrestricted warfare on the streets of America. For good citizens with money and guns, they might be fine. For the vulnerable, they’re cooked without the police. Props to the UFC star for being willing to just come right out and say it.

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