Jonathan Taylor Undergoes Surgery: 'Bunch Of Junk'

Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor recently underwent surgery on his ankle.

The talented RB struggled with his health all season, and he was never able to hit his stride like he did in 2021 to put up huge numbers.

Now, with surgery behind him, he's hoping to get back to his old ways.

"That thing had a bunch of junk in there from a bunch of years. Just finally had to clean it out and make sure I'm good to go. We finally had the time to get it right, make sure I'm 100% ready to rock. That's all you can ask. It was a no-brainer. Get that out of the way, so you can focus on maintaining your body and get ready for the season," the former Wisconsin star told's Ian Rapoport.

He had the surgery this past Wednesday.

Jonathan Taylor is looking to bounce back.

Jonathan Taylor had a very rocky 2022 season. Entering the season, there was all the hype in the world that he was going to, once again, put up huge numbers.

That's not what happened at all. He just couldn't consistently stay healthy, and his numbers reflected his struggles.

Taylor finished the season with 861 rushing yards and four touchdowns. That was an incredible decline from the 18 rushing touchdowns and 1,811 rushing yards he compiled in 2021.

Now, he's undergone surgery on his ankle, gotten it cleaned up and will attempt to return to the Jonathan Taylor fans watched in 2021. The Colts have hit the reset button, and Taylor playing at a high level is a key pillar in building success moving forward.

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