John Skipper, The Man Who Ruined ESPN, Has Terrible Idea To Save The PAC-12

John Skipper just can't stop pumping out terrible ideas.

Skipper oversaw the crash and decline of ESPN before ultimately leaving over a cocaine scandal. The man's legacy is that he watched ESPN go from a sports network to a woke hellhole.

Since leaving ESPN, he suggested the Super Bowl embrace a pay-per-view model and charge people to watch at home. His latest idea isn't that dumb, but it's still pretty stupid.

He thinks the PAC-12 should join the ACC in order to survive.

John Skipper suggests ACC/PAC-12 merger.

The PAC-12 has failed to land a new media deal, and the outlook doesn't look good. In the ACC, Florida State and Clemson have suggested they need an unequal revenue split. Skipper thinks he can solve both issues.

"I think that the ACC should expand or merge with the PAC-12, which now has 10 teams. I would take eight of those teams, change my footprint and have a 24-team conference with a western division and their ACC network would expand to the front coast. You could probably force a renegotiation with ESPN for a new deal. And you could solve both problems. The ACC would expand its footprint, get more money and compete with the SEC and the Big Ten," Skipper suggested.

This is a really bad idea.

It's honestly amazing when you hear John Skipper speak that you have to remember he used to run ESPN. What is he talking about?

USC and UCLA are both leaving the PAC-12 for the Big Ten next year, Oregon and Washington believe they might also get invited and the Big 12 might be getting ready to poach several PAC-12 programs.

How is merging with the PAC-12 going to help anyone? The assets still wouldn't be there to drive up the cost. Oregon and Washington are desperate to get in the Big Ten. An ACC/PAC-12 merger wouldn't stop them or give them reason to stay.

Furthermore, the ACC's media deal with ESPN also runs through 2036. ESPN has no reason to renegotiate it. It's an incredible deal that pays out roughly $36 million per member school. That's the definition of a bargain. Why would ESPN do anything that would force the network to pay more?

Lastly, imagine the logistical nightmare an ACC/PAC-12 merger would cause. USC and UCLA will have some issues flying out east nonstop, but that's just two schools. Now, imagine you have eight programs taking regular trips to Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and vice versa. That's going to be a gigantic headache.

Once again, John Skipper proves he has no idea what he's talking about. This is a pipe dream with zero shot of happening. The ACC has no need to take the remnants of the PAC-12, and ESPN would have zero incentive to get out of the network's awesome deal.

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