John Harbaugh Talks Jim's Future At Michigan, Leaves Door Slightly Open To Leaving

John Harbaugh gave a pretty interesting answer when talking about his brother Jim's tenure at Michigan.

The head coach of the Wolverines has flirted with returning to the NFL the past two seasons, but it ultimately never happened.

He's sticking around in Ann Arbor (for now), and he wants people to believe he'll be there for years to come. John Harbaugh, who has had a ton of success coaching the Ravens, thinks John will stay at Michigan........unless "God's got other plans."

John Harbaugh doesn't completely rule out Jim leaving Michigan.

When talking about his brother's future plans, John made it clear he thinks Michigan is the final destination, but then again, you never know what will happen in life.

"That’s probably the difference with him and all these other guys who act like they’re not open about opportunities that come along. Jim is open about it. I think his players respect that; his coaches respect that. And he’s just an open book, man. He’s a fun guy to be around. I saw some of the Michigan guys here, they just laugh about how fun it is to play there and what a good guy he is. So, I think he’s at Michigan for life, probably, but then again, maybe God’s got other plans. So, we’ll see," John said Thursday at the NFL game, according to ProFootballTalk.

Will Jim ever return to the NFL?

If there was ever a time for Jim Harbaugh to jump back into the NFL game, it was this coaching cycle. His brand and value has never been better.

In the past two seasons, he has two wins over Ohio State, two Big Ten titles and two CFP appearances. After several disappointing seasons at Michigan, Jim Harbaugh has the Wolverines rolling.

The only thing left for him is to win a national title. That's the only reason to really stay in Ann Arbor from an accomplishments standpoint.

If he wanted to go to the NFL, the time was when this past season ended. The Denver Broncos showed serious interest, but ultimately, Sean Payton was the choice. At this point, it's hard to imagine Jim Harbaugh jumps ship.

Of course, as his brother pointed out, anything is possible.

Will Jim Harbaugh ever leave Michigan or is it his final coaching job? Let us know in the comments below.