Jim Harbaugh Makes Bold Claim About Future At Michigan, Despite Flirtations With The NFL

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Jim Harbaugh wants Michigan fans to know he doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

The head coach of the Wolverines, once again, flirted with the NFL this past coaching cycle, and it looked like there was serious interest between Harbaugh and the Broncos.

Ultimately, he decided to stay in Ann Arbor. Now, after flirting with the NFL for two consecutive coaching cycles, he’s claimed he’s not going anywhere.

Jim Harbaugh doubles down on commitment to Michigan. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Jim Harbaugh claims he’s committed to Michigan.

“People do what they think is best for them professionally and personally. [But] I’m always … I’m here as long as Michigan wants me here. You would have had a story if I wasn’t here. But I’m here, and this is where I wanted to be,” Harbaugh said during a Thursday press conference, according to On3.com.

When talking about NFL franchises being interested in him, Harbaugh appeared to be intentionally vague and told the press, “Like we’ve said, it’s an ongoing thing, something we treat as a really positive thing that NFL franchises and teams have a lot of interest in all of our personnel — coaches, players, and staff. And if someone in our organization feels like that’s going to benefit them professionally and personally, then we say, ‘have at it.’ We don’t hold anybody back.”

Jim Harbaugh claims he remains committed to Michigan. (Photo by Adam Bow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Will fans believe Harbaugh?

It’s hard to take Harbaugh’s claim about being in Ann Arbor “as long as Michigan wants” him there after multiple attempts to get back to the NFL.

Harbaugh was a very solid coach with the San Francisco 49ers and nearly won a Super Bowl. Eventually, the relationship fell apart and he found himself back at the school that made him famous.

However, he’s tried to get back to the league for two straight seasons. Two seasons ago, he interviewed with the Vikings. This past season, he spoke with the Broncos and reached out to the Panthers.

Now, he’s claiming he’s not going anywhere. It’s hard to believe Michigan fans are going to just buy in.

Will Jim Harbaugh ever leave Michigan? (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)

It should be interesting to see what the future holds for Harbaugh. His stock has never been higher. If there was a time to go, it was this coaching cycle and it didn’t happen. That would indicate he’s probably not going anywhere. However, Jim Harbaugh’s pattern of behavior would indicate he’ll definitely listen if an NFL team comes calling.

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