Jimmy Garoppolo Will Be A Very Hot Commodity In Free Agency, Says NFL Insider

There might be multiple teams in pursuit of Jimmy Garoppolo in free agency.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback is almost certainly on his way out the door as an unrestricted, and that means the time is near to find a new team.

It sounds like the former Patriots backup will have no trouble finding a new job.

"I expect significant interest in Jimmy Garoppolo across the free agent market," NFL insider Mike Garafolo said prior to the Super Bowl.

He then floated the Jets, Texans, Titans, Raiders and Buccaneers as possible teams that will make a run at the veteran passer.

Where will Jimmy Garoppolo go?

Jimmy Garoppolo has had a fascinating career with the 49ers ever since the Patriots traded him away. He appeared to be the face of the franchise, but fell from favor.

Just when it looked like his time was over with Trey Lance the team's starting QB to open 2022, he was pressed into service when the former third overall pick went down with an injury.

After it looked like the 49ers were going to dump him ahead of the 2022 campaign, he was back to starting. Eventually, his own season was derailed by an injury, and it now appears he's actually leaving the 49ers.

If Mike Garafolo's assessment is accurate, there won't be any shortage of suitors. Will it be the Jets? Possibly the Bucs? Maybe the Texans?

Honestly, it's a bit too early to say, but if the Jets strikeout on landing Aaron Rodgers, making a run at Jimmy Garoppolo would make a ton of sense.

The Jets are built to win right now, and as owner Woody Johnson made clear, the franchise is just a QB away. Garoppolo could step in right away as the starter.

No matter what, it sounds like Jimmy G shouldn't have any issue earning more NFL paychecks. The only question at this point is where.

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