Jimmy Garoppolo: 'No Place For That' After Hit From Saints Defender

Things have been going well for Jimmy Garoppolo and the San Francisco 49ers as of late, but he sure wasn't fond of a hit he took from Saints defensive lineman Malcolm Roach.

The Niners beat the Saints 13-0 on Sunday, but it was the hit that got a lot of attention.

Garoppolo had just fired off a pass when Roach got to him and delivered a low hit with the Saints lineman's helmet going straight into Garoppolo's left knee. The Niners QB had that same knee surgically repaired after injuring it in 2018.

Garoppolo got up limping but managed to stay in the game, and afterward was asked for his thoughts on the hit.

"You’ve got to be smart as players, look out for one another,” Garoppolo said. “There’s no place for that. I’m all right. A little sore but nothing bad.”

Garoppolo Said Coming Out Of The Game Never Crossed His Mind

According to Garoppolo, there was no way he was going to miss a few snaps after the hit from Roach.

“No, I was staying in the game,” Garoppolo said. “I knew what type of game it was. I mean that’s what it was all day. That wasn’t the only hit that was questionable like that. Throughout the whole game it was like that. That’s football.”

That was one of six hits Garoppolo took on Sunday including one sack.

However, that win was the Niners' fourth straight, something which should certainly help take a bit of the sting away from Jimmy G's knee.

“It was a gritty game,” Garoppolo said. “Proud of the guys today just how they fought through all the adversity that was thrown at us. It was all types of adversity and we just kept going. I think that was a good win for us.”

Next up for San Francisco is a meeting with the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

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