Jimbo Fisher Offers Epic Spin Zone On Texas A&M Being Bad

Jimbo Fisher thinks Texas A&M being awful might not be terrible for recruiting.

The Aggies, who had the top recruiting class last year, are an incredibly disappointing 3-4 through seven games, and things might not get much better with games against Ole Miss, Florida and LSU still left on the schedule.

There's probably still some losses on the schedule, but a poor product on the field might actually entice recruits to come to College Station, in Fisher's mind.

"They see opportunities. Everybody says, 'Why go somewhere that's winning all the time? I may not play for awhile.' You know what I'm saying," Fisher responded in part when talking about how the current situation might impact potential recruits.

Credit where credit is due. This is an all-time great spin zone from Jimbo Fisher. This is about as good as it gets.

Aggies fans are on the verge of open revolt, and instead of just speaking straight about the situation, Fisher is out here telling people this might actually help recruiting.

Spoiler alert: It won't.

Jimbo Fisher's claim isn't backed up by anything.

Also, who the hell doesn't want to go to a place that wins all the time? If that was truly the case, Alabama and Ohio State wouldn't be able to recruit anyone. Yet, both programs have no problem pulling elite prospects.

So, I'm not sure there's any evidence or logic to back up Jimbo Fisher's ludicrous spin zone claim. Most players want stability and a clear path to success.

Right now, the Aggies have neither, and while Jimbo Fisher isn't going to get fired, I'm not sure anyone can look at the situation in College Station and see a path for improvement.

Jimbo is now in his fifth year with the program, and the team is showing severe regression. It's ugly and might only get uglier.

Yet, we still have to respect the hustle and Jimbo Fisher trying to sell this message. Don't hate the player. Hate the game.