Jim Irsay Tweets 'South Park' Video Mocking NFL Owners, Roger Goodell

Jim Irsay appeared to take a subtle jab Tuesday at some fellow NFL owners and Roger Goodell.

The Colts owner is known for marching to the beat of his own drum and not really caring what others think. He famously suggested Commanders owner Daniel Snyder should be removed from the NFL ownership circle.

Well, for seemingly no reason at all, Irsay decided to troll Snyders, other owners and commissioner Roger Goodell.

He tweeted the legendary clip of the "Goodell Bot" failing amid issues with the Redskins trademark and Cartman doing Cartman things.

Jim Irsay digs up an iconic "South Park" episode.

For those of you who don't know, nearly a decade ago, "South Park" ran an episode mocking the controversy around the Redskins name and Daniel Snyder.

It was ruthless in the best way possible. The episode revolved around the trademark being pulled, Cartman and the crew starting up a kickstarter organization and then ISIS getting involved.

The episode was a classic example of "South Park" at its best.

At the end of the episode, Daniel Snyder attempted a last stand as if he was a Native American and just got pulverized by the Cowboys.

It was comedy back when comedy was actually great (still is for "South Park").

Now, for reasons that aren't entirely clear, Jim Irsay woke up, hopped on his computer or phone and chose violence against Daniel Snyder and Goodell.

The specific clip he shared perfectly sums up the incompetence of the NFL at times. When there's an issue, just ignore it and hope it all goes away.

Keep in mind, this episode aired in September 2014. Have things changed much since then? Not at all. In fact, Snyder now appears to be on his way out the door amid lots of issues, which "South Park" seemingly called during the Obama administration.

If this is the energy Jim Irsay is carrying into the offseason, fans are in for a very fun time. The man is truly a legend for all the right reasons.