Jim Harbaugh Squats Shirtless And In Khakis, Confirming Weirdo Status

Wonder no more. Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is college football's weirdest figure.

A figure that's been shaped by shirtless squats.

Yep. Captain Comeback himself likes to get the quads firing by getting under the squat bar inside of the Michigan weight room. And he damn near barebacks the excercise.

Former Wolverine and current Detroit Lion, Aiden Hutchinson, confirmed as much.

“Coach Harbaugh is in the weight room, khakis on, cleats on, shirts off, squatting," Hutchinson told NBC Sports Bay Area’s Jennifer Lee Chan of Harbaugh's pre-practice routine. That's like a very normal thing you see from Coach Harbaugh. You see it, you acknowledge it and you’re just like, ‘There’s Coach,’ and you go on to practice.”

So, he's a weirdo. Got it.

Weights Are A Common Theme With Harbaugh

Maybe the shirtless squats shouldn't be all that surprising. This is a man who, at 59-years-old, never appears to lose interest in keeping the body hard.

Last month, he helped himself to some walking shoulder shrugs while on a recruiting visit. He did so fully clothed, which is probably a good thing, being that he was inside a high school weight room. On the other hand, there's nothing normal about tossing plates around while dressed like you're headed to Sunday mass.

And that wasn't the first time Harbaugh helped himself to the high school weight room while decked out in business casual attire. He banged out a few sets inside of a Florida high school weight room around this time last year.

Harbaugh gonna Harbaugh.

Did I mention he's also on steroids?

Sort of.

"I truly believe the No. 1 natural steroid is sleep, and the No. 2 natural steroid is milk, whole milk," Harbaugh said in 2016 on his radio show, per MLive.com. "Three would be water. Four would be steak.

"(Steak) ... it goes with everything."

Khakis Are His Safe Space

Harbaugh loves his khakis as much as he does steroids, milk and steak. Michigan's coach is rarely seen without em. Again, confirming weirdo status.

Case in point...


And this one...

You get it. Harbaugh's a different bird, man. And I didn't even mention how he had a sleepover at the house of a kicker whom he was recruiting.

But of all the weirdness that surrounds Harbaugh and his habits, it's that pre-practice Ann Arbor leg work that Hutchinson can't shake.

“You can’t unsee that,” Hutchinson added. “I’ll never forget it. Full khakis, belt, cleats on hardwood floor.”

Can't blame ya, Aiden.

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