Jim Harbaugh Busted Out Some Squats During Recruiting Visit

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Jim Harbaugh is back to doing Jim Harbaugh things on the recruiting trail. The Michigan coach who once got into sweatpants to sleep over at a recruit’s house is slowly getting back to his quirky ways, now that he has a Big Ten title in his pocket. Thursday, Harbaugh hit the squat rack in the Jesuit (FL) weight room to impress the recruits with his prowess.

Jim didn’t even change out of his trusty slacks and button-down shirt before pumping the iron.

“For college coaches such as Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh, life on the road recruiting can make it difficult to get in a daily workout,” Jesuit’s Twitter page announced. “So today in the Oliva Weight Room at Jesuit, Harbaugh worked some squats into his visit.”

It’s an interesting time for Harbaugh out on the recruiting trail. There are serious rumors swirling (when Bruce Feldman writes it, you might want to listen) that Harbaugh would take the Raiders head coaching job if it’s offered.

The Tampa Bay Times reports Jesuit coach Matt Thompson was running his weight lifting class when Harbaugh rolled in and asked if he could get a set. He did 15 reps.

The money shot from Harbaugh’s weight room visit came when, according to the Times, the Jesuit JV coach — who graduated from Ohio State — joked that Ryan Day did 16 reps.

Thompson told the Times that Harbaugh kept going until he did 20 reps to beat the “fictional” total put up by Day.

If you need any indication that the jacked-up Harbaugh is back, Thursday put that debate to rest. The guy is puffing his chest out again. He’s either going to take that Raiders job or go on an incredible content-generating run.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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