Jim Harbaugh Has Great Reaction To Flag Planting After Beating Ohio State

Jim Harbaugh loved that Michigan players planted a flag at midfield after upsetting Ohio State.

Despite OSU being a significant favorite, Harbaugh and the Wolverines absolutely dismantled Ryan Day's team 45-23.

Once the clock hit zero, Michigan players rushed to plant a massive flag on the field of the program's most bitter rival.

While some coaches might have claimed it went a bit too far, Harbaugh was all for it, and told the press, "I want to get that flag and put it in our museum."

He also added that the fuel in the rivalry, including songs, is "all good," which is 100% the correct stance to have.

Jim Harbaugh is living his best life.

It really does feel like Harbaugh has come into his own over the past couple seasons. Ever since he beat Ohio State in 2021, the Michigan coach seems to have a lot more confidence and is just vibing in a much different way.

Now, he's 2-0 against the Buckeyes in the last two matchups, and he's endorsing flag planting on a rival's field.

This is the kind of energy that amps fans up and gets people excited.

Furthermore, there's never a reason to complain about players planting a flag. If you don't want players planting a flag on your field, there's a foolproof solution guaranteed to stop it: don't lose the damn game.

You don't have to worry about it if you win. If you do lose, focus on not letting it happen again. Don't become an old man yelling at the clouds.

It's going to be fascinating to see what Jim Harbaugh does if Michigan beats Ohio State three years in a row. I'm not sure anyone is ready for that kind of energy.