Jim Harbaugh Buries James Franklin For 'Sophomoric Ploy'

Jim Harbaugh doesn't appear ready to give James Franklin the time of day.

A couple Saturdays back, Michigan absolutely trounced the Nittany Lions 41-17, and there were even some fireworks off the field.

As the teams went to the one tunnel in the stadium for halftime, tempers flared and there was a lot of jawing back and forth.

Following the game, Franklin called Michigan's single tunnel layout "a problem." Now, Harbaugh has hit back and he clearly doesn't care what the PSU coach thinks.

"I’ve got bigger fish to fry than coach Franklin’s opinion on our tunnel a week ago… Such a sophomoric ploy to keep us out of our own locker room. Looked like he was the ringleader of all of it," Harbaugh told the media Monday when discussing the situation.

This is a mic drop moment from Jim Harbaugh.

There are few burns bigger than telling someone you have "bigger fish to fry" than dealing with whatever their complaints are.

When people complain, they generally want attention followed by a fight. It's just human nature. It's the way most people are.

So, when James Franklin goes out and starts complaining about Michigan's tunnel format, he knows damn well people will push his message and it will stir things up.

Instead of going tit for tat, Jim Harbaugh just dropped the hammer. He called Franklin and PSU's actions a "sophomoric ploy" and claimed he doesn't worry about his "opinion."

That's a great way to make a man feel very small without having to say or do much. Just a brutally blunt and simple response. Yet, incredibly effective and diminishing.

Penn State took a blowout loss on the field, and Franklin now took another L thanks to Jim Harbaugh's comments Monday. Michigan fans have to be loving this energy in Ann Arbor.