Jets Owner Woody Johnson Sure Sounds Like He Wants Aaron Rodgers

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson didn't deny having serious interest in Aaron Rodgers.

Speculation is swirling about Aaron Rodgers' future, and there's serious questions about whether or not his retirement is imminent. He's doing a darkness retreat to get his head straight, and in the meantime, you can count on much more chatter about what he'll do.

If he leaves the Packers, which is certainly possible, the Jets are viewed as a very sexy landing spot. Well, when confronted about the possibility of Johnson adding the future hall of famer, the NFL owner certainly didn't run from the question.

Woody Johnson addresses Aaron Rodgers speculation.

"You want the best quarterback that you can get to lead the Jets," Johnson responded when asked directly if the Jets want Aaron Rodgers during an interview with Dianna Russine at the NFL Honors.

While he clarified he can't really talk about Rodgers because he's under contract with the Packers, he made it crystal clear the Jets will pursue the best QB possible to create an "ideal situation" for his franchise.

Are the Jets a realistic option?

Two teams seem to get mentioned the most when it comes to where Rodgers might take his talents if he leaves the Packers.

The Raiders and Jets. No teams get mentioned more. Both teams, in theory, are a great QB away from being very competitive.

Which one is in a better position? That's something people can debate, but both would be viewed as likely playoff locks with Rodgers.

However, as Russini pointed out, Rodgers won't come cheap. The Packers will probably require a boatload of draft picks to get him.

Aaron Rodgers is 39. Do you really want to give up your future for a QB with one or two years left in him? That certainly seems dicey.

Of course, if the Jets get him and win the Super Bowl, it'd all be worth it. Whatever happens, a decision could be made in the coming weeks. Prepare for all hell to break loose if Rodgers hits the trade market.

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