Jerry Jones Doesn't Rule Out Super Bowl Run After Dominating Win Over The Bucs

Jerry Jones thinks the Dallas Cowboys have the goods to go all the way.

The Cowboys smashed the Bucs 31-14 Monday night, and next up is a matchup against the 49ers and scrappy seventh round pick QB Brock Purdy.

With one postseason win under his team's belt, Jones doesn't think the Super Bowl is out of the question.

Jerry Jones has lofty expectations.

"I like to think that we can put something together that can go win it. That’s very evasive, been very evasive for us. We’ve got a team here tonight that has enough skill in my opinion to go win it, and now we have some experiences that will build the intangible. So, I think we gained on it tonight," Jones said Monday night after the dominating win, according to ProFootballTalk.

Jones also said, "Can it be done? We’ll find out, but this team has a talent level and now has the intangible experiences that getting knocked down, getting up – all of those things we hear about, all of those things that represent football, all of that stuff, this team has had some of that."

Can the Cowboys pull off a run?

When Dak is healthy and rolling, the Cowboys are capable of putting up numbers. In the back half of the season, the Cowboys beat the Giants, Vikings and the Eagles without Jalen Hurts. However, the Cowboys can also lay an egg at any point in time.

Look no further than the humiliating 26-6 loss to the Commanders at the end of the regular season for proof of that fact.

The Cowboys are talented but also suffer from a lack of consistency.

So, which Cowboys team will show up against the 49ers? The one capable of hanging 40 points on an opposing defense or the one that scored just six against the Commanders? We'll find out Sunday night.

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