Jeff Brohm Reacts To Louisville Speculation

It didn't take long at all for Purdue coach Jeff Brohm to be asked about Louisville needing a new football coach.

Brohm played his college quarterback at Louisville, and it's been widely-believed that taking the Cardinals over is his dream job. When Scott Satterfield cut and ran to Cincinnati, Brohm's name immediately went to the top of the list of replacements.

However, as of Monday morning, Louisville hasn't reached out.

Jeff Brohm claims it's all quiet on the Louisville front at the moment.

"No, there’s been no contact," Brohm informed the press, according to He further added, "Well, to be quite honest with you, I know no more than you guys do. Was in some meetings this morning and got some text about Twitter. So, I found out on Twitter what was going on in the college world. But, other than that, I don’t know more information."

While there might not be any contact yet, you can bet the house the phone call is coming sooner or later.

Purdue AD Mike Bobinski pretty much admitted as much when he told the press, "To not appear to be completely naive or brain dead, I do recognize that the world is in motion around us," according to the same report.

While it remains to be seen what Jeff Brohm decides to do, there's definitely an above zero chance he could take the job. Again, there's been chatter for years that it's always been his main goal.

However, the Big Ten is an incredibly wealthy conference, and the new TV deal will pump in more resources than any other conference can immediately compete with. The B1G will also have the largest footprint once UCLA and USC officially join.

The ACC simply isn't on the same level. Jeff Brohm has to take that into consideration when making a decision.

For now, #BrohmWatch isn't cranked up to 100, but the situation definitely deserves some attention.

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