Jaylen Brown Says He Doesn't Endorse Kyrie Irving Protestors After Blindly Endorsing Kyrie Irving Protestors

With what has become the norm in the NBA, the biggest story around the league has nothing to do with actual basketball. Instead, a group of Black Hebrew Israelites gathering outside Barclays Center for Kyrie Irving's return to the Nets, and whether or not Boston's Jaylen Brown supports the group, is the talk of the league.

Irving returned to the hardwood on Sunday after missing eight games for Brooklyn after posting about an antisemitic film on social media. A large group of Black Hebrew Israelites - designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center - gathered outside of the arena.

Brown wasted no time in showing support of the group, quote-tweeting a video of the protestors writing the word 'energy.' Now, he's saying he doesn't support the group whatsoever and thought it was a group from a different organization.

Black Hebrew Israelites believe they are the “Children of Israel,” not Jewish people.

Brown blindly supported a group of protestors who he had no idea what they were actually protesting and is desperately trying to walk back his comment.

Jaylen Brown Walks Back His Blind Support Of Kyrie Irving Protestors

"I saw a large group of our people from our community showing support for and his return," Brown said Monday. "Me being proud of that support and being proud of our community for doing that does not mean I endorse or celebrate some of the things that were being done or being said."

"My instinct when I saw this was I didn't notice which group it was. I just noticed the support, and that's what I commented on. I reemphasize that I don't think that everything that is said or being done or being said is something I endorse or represent."

Around four hours after his tweet blindly supporting the Irving supporters, Brown explained that he thought the group was of the historically African-American fraternity Omega Psi Phi.

Brown has been supportive of Irving following his five-game suspension that turned into an eight-game suspension following his posting of an antisemitic film. He was happy to see Irving back on the floor on Sunday.

"Kyrie's contributed in a lot of ways to the game of basketball, so for him to be able to come back and be on the floor last night, I thought was something to celebrate. I thought that was something to support," Brown told the media.

Irving scored 14 points in 26 minutes of action in Brooklyn's win over the Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday.

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