Jason Kelce Reacts To Tom Brady Yelling At His O-Line: 'I'll Put You In That Trash Can'

Everyone seems to have an opinion about Tom Brady yelling at his offensive line during the Buccaneers' loss to the Steelers, but Jason Kelce's may be the best one yet. The Eagles' center shared his hilarious take on the situation with his brother, Travis, on the 'New Heights' podcast.

For anyone unaware, a very upset Brady was caught screaming at his offensive line just before halftime against the Steelers this past Sunday. His shouting didn't help Tampa Bay, however, as it fell to Pittsburgh 20-18 for what was the Bucs' third loss in four games.

Kelce, who has over 165 NFL games under his belt, knows a thing or two about being yelled at by his quarterback, and he's not a fan.

Jason Kelce Hilariously Reacts To Tom Brady Yelling

The NFL veteran did say Brady is probably the only QB in the league he'd give a pass to, but any other quarterback does that and he's going in the nearest trash can.

"If Tom yells at me, I’m probably not gonna say nothing either,” Jason Kelce said.

“But playing O-line is hard. If there’s one thing I do not like, it is quarterbacks getting into offensive linemen. Like bro, I am fu-king doing the best I can. Get the fu-k out of my face. I will put you in that trash can over there if you don’t shut the fu-k up."

"The last thing I want is a motherfu-ker that can’t get hit or it’s called roughing the passer to come up to me and tell me how to fu-king wrestle somebody every play.”

As Kelce eluded to after his hilarious rant, Brady has earned the right to yell at anyone on the football field.

If the Buccaneers don't get back to their winning ways against a lowly Panthers team this Sunday we're going to see plenty more yelling out of Brady.

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