Jason Kelce Explains Difference Between Cowboys, Eagles Fans After Jason Peters Calls Philly Fans 'Fu-king Idiots'

Ahead of the highly-anticipated Sunday night matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles, the two teams' fanbases have been a vocal point of the pregame discussions. Dallas offensive lineman Jason Peters is responsible for starting those discussions and now Philadelphia center Jason Kelce is doing his best to explain the situation.

Peters, who played 11 seasons in Philadelphia, made headlines earlier this week while talking about Eagles fans. Most notably, Peters called Philadelphia fans "fu-king idiots."

“I just know the Philly fans are fu-king idiots when it comes to camaraderie, the Cowboys—any team really,” Peters said. “….They know that. They pride themselves on being nasty, vulgar. They’re going to cuss at you…Philly fans are the wildest fans out there to me."

Peters calling Eagles fans "fu-king idiots" was just a poor choice of words, because he was actually complimenting Philly fans and how passionate they are. He went on to say Philly is "my city" and he was looking forward to returning this weekend.

Jason Kelce Shares Great Description Of Eagles And Cowboys Fans

While some Eagles fans won't get past the "fu-king idiots" comment, Kelce understood what Peters was trying to say. This then led Kelce into explaining the difference between the two team's fanbases.

“These are two polar opposites that have been in the same division and played so many meaningful games of football together,” Kelce told 94 WIP. “You have the Philadelphia fanbase, which is an extremely localized, diehard fanbase that is authentic to, you know, all of them growing up together in this community and this environment that breathes authenticity."

"And you have the Cowboys fanbase, which they have that in Dallas, but the majority of the fanbase is built on commercialism and pop culture fandom like the Yankees and Lakers, which I think is the total opposite of what the Philadelphia Eagles’ fanbase stands for.”

It's tough to argue with Kelce's comments here.

While these two teams have a long line of history with one another, outside of them both simply cheering for a football team, Eagles and Cowboys fans couldn't be more different.

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