Jason Garrett Makes Decision On Stanford Opening

Jason Garrett won't be the next football coach at Stanford.

College football fans were a bit surprised when news broke Thursday that the former Cowboys head coach was a finalist to lead the Cardinal.

However, he announced Thursday night that while he was thankful for the consideration, he will stick to his "work at NBC on Football Night in America and with Notre Dame Football!"

With Jason Garrett out of the mix, it's likely Stanford pivots to Sacramento State head coach Troy Taylor. The Hornets coach is believed to be the other finalist for the job.

Jason Garrett sticking with his job at NBC.

While it would have been interesting to see Jason Garrett in the PAC-12, viewers better get used to his action on NBC because he's not leaving.

He has a great job in the booth, and ultimately, decided it was better than picking up a whistle again. The increase in work would have been substantial.

While broadcasting requires commitment, it's nothing like coaching college football. Being a major college football coach is an around the clock job. There's no true offseason. When you're not coaching, you're recruiting, scouting and breaking down tape. You have to be all in.

It's simply not the same with broadcasting, and it's reasonable to think that had to play a role in Garrett's decision to remain on TV.

You have to tip your cap to Stanford for attempting to go big. Fortune favors the bold, and landing Garrett would have been incredibly bold. Now, it's onto plan B.

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