Jared Goff Jokingly Savages Aaron Rodgers After Jets Trade

Jared Goff couldn't help but fire a savage shot at Aaron Rodgers after the Packers traded the QB to the Jets.

The Packers and Jets finally agreed to terms on a trade for the future hall of famer, and Rodgers is officially QB1 for the New York Jets.

While Goff might privately be happy to see Rodgers leave the NFC North, that's not the message he publicly shared. The Detroit Lions QB wanted Rodgers to stick around so he could kick his butt a couple times a year.

"I wish him the best in New York, and I'm sure he'll do a great job there. But, I kind of wish he was still here just so we could beat him twice a year," Goff joked during the team's draft party Thursday night.

Jared Goff comes off the top rope against Aaron Rodgers.

For those of you who might not remember, the Lions went 2-0 last season against the Packers. Not only did Detroit win both NFC North matchups, but the last one during the final week of the season ruined Green Bay's year.

All the Packers had to do was beat the Lions in order to make the playoffs. Instead, the Lions left Green Bay with a 20-16 victory that guaranteed the Packers watched the playoffs from the couch.

It also resulted in the Packers finishing the season at 8-9 while the Lions capped off last season with a 9-8 record. It was Detroit's best season since 2017. A tale of two different trends.

Did Aaron Rodgers leave the NFC North to avoid playing Dan Campbell and the Lions twice a year? That's something historians will debate for decades to come, but it can't be ruled out!

Also, who knew Jared Goff had jokes like this? While Goff had a very solid 2022 season, I'm not sure many would make the argument he's known for having a huge personality.

Well, he apparently does because he's out here just ruthlessly firing shots.

If Goff and the Lions keep up that attitude and energy into the 2023 campaign, Lions fans might be in for a very fun season.

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