Jameis Winston Goes On Epic Rant About How 'Symmetrical' The Human Body Is

Jameis Winston is one funny dude. When he starts talking about non-football things, odds are he's about to say something you're going to audibly laugh at. The QB's latest viral moment includes him talking about the human body and how symmetrical it is.


Following Wednesday's practice, the New Orleans Saints quarterback spoke with the media about working his way back from injury. Winston has been bitten by the injury bug over the last few seasons, and it appears he's done some studying of the human anatomy.

“Our body is so symmetrical, right?" Winston asked reporters. "You’ve got your wrists. Then what are your wrists on the bottom half? Your ankles. And you’ve got your shoulders up top. What are your shoulders? Your hips, you know what I’m saying. You’ve got your elbows. What are your elbows? Your knees, right?"

The rolling of his wrists, while he talks about them, really adds to the moment.


I understand what Winston is trying to say, I took anatomy in college. I may not have passed that class, but I do remember that the human body is connected, which is what Winston is trying to say.

Again, we can always count on Winston to put a smile on our face, the man just has a way with words.

Winston is set to make his long-awaited return to the field this Sunday after his season a year ago was cut short due to injury. The Saints travel to Atlanta to kick off their 2022 campaign.

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