Ja'Marr Chase Accidentally Obliterates Audio Guy

During the Bengals-Cowboys game, an audio guy working the game for CBS took one of the biggest hits you’ll see today courtesy of Bengals receiver Ja'Marr Chase.

Chase swung out toward the sideline and was forced out of bounds. He was headed right for the Cowboys cheerleaders, but lucky for those ladies, there was an audio guy with one of those satellite dish-looking microphones in the way.

Chase clobbered the poor guy, who took his audio equipment straight to the nose and went down hard.

The Bengals receiver stuck around for a moment to see how the guy was doing but they were still tending to him a few plays later. 

Hopefully, he is okay because that was quite a hit. They even stopped play to make sure he was okay.

It shows that the people who work on NFL broadcasts — especially those stationed on the sidelines — are built differently. They put themselves in the line of fire so we get some crisp audio and video each and every week.

That takes some guts to stand with your toes on the sidelines while giant human beings go hurtling passed you while you hold what looks like the Cone of Silence from Get Smart.

I wouldn't have it in me to do that. I'd be standing waaaaay back. If it was up to me I'd be trying to salvage some on-field audio while sitting in the first few rows.

Hopefully, CBS's audio guy is all good after that because as some people have pointed out, he's a real-deal football guy.

The truest.

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