Jake Paul Gets In Bizarre Argument With Tyson Fury's Dad

Jake Paul exchanged some tense words with John Fury over the weekend.

The YouTube star turned boxer was at Floyd Mayweather’s Sunday fight against Deji Olatunji in Dubai, and apparently used Tommy Fury being on the card as an excuse to go after the younger Fury brother and his dad.

"You're a miserable old man, bro. Come fight me right now," Paul told John Fury over the broadcast mic. How did the Fury patriarch respond? He ripped his shirt off and looked ready to roll.

After the bizarre altercation, John Fury told the media that he is still more than "capable of tearing limbs off people like" Jake Paul.

It is truly amazing how good Jake Paul is at getting attention. He wasn't even fighting in this event, and he still managed to make it all about himself.

Whether you hate the guy or love him, you can't deny Jake Paul knows how to get eyeballs on himself.

Of course, this is also just the latest example of Jake Paul trying to fight an old guy far out of his prime. People have grown real tired of that act.

If Paul wants to really shock and surprise people, he should fight Tyson Fury. Now, that's something people would actually pay to watch.

Instead, he recently teased a potential fight against Andrew Tate. It's just hard to take his boxing career seriously, despite the fact he does draw eyeballs doing all sorts of nonsense.

It should be interesting to see what Jake Paul gets up to next. There's no doubt he'll find a new way to get attention soon.

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