Jake Paul Teases Potential Fight Against Andrew Tate

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Just weeks removed from his fight with MMA legend Anderson Silva, Jake Paul is teasing a new bout — one that will make many people wonder if both fighters can lose.

We may be on the precipice of a Jake Paul-Andrew Tate fight.

At least, if Paul’s recent Twitter video is any indicator.

It’s not hard to read between the lines of the 6-second stare-down and the word “Negotiations.” The two notorious internet agitators are trying to cook something up.

Paul needs something to follow up on his bout with Silva. Despite a lot of hype leading up to the event, the pay-per-view numbers were less than impressive.

After the fight, Paul revealed the damage on his podcast.

“I don’t [know the official PPV buyrate yet]. I think it’ll probably go around like 200 to 300,000, really which is kind of upsetting,” he said.

It’s tough to say whether a Paul-Tate main event would do any better. However, there’s no doubt it would garner as much — or more — talk than his fight with Silva.

Tate is a former kickboxer who has become known for his outspoken ways with takes that are often blasted for being misogynistic.

He has been banned from several social media platforms because of some of his views.

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