Jake Paul Agrees To Multi-Year MMA Deal

Jake Paul is joining the MMA world.

Paul announced Thursday morning that he's reached a deal with the Professional Fighting League. The deal features a new "super fight division," and Paul will be the head of "fighter advocacy." The social media star turned boxer announced fighters will receive "50% of the revenue" under the new deal.

The New York Times reported Paul will get equity in PFL in return for agreeing to join the league. He plans on fighting in 2023, but there's nothing on schedule as of right now.

Jake Paul finally takes the MMA plunge.

After a lot of chatter and shots taken at UFC president Dana White, Paul has finally decided to try his hand at MMA.

Granted, it's with an organization that isn't even within spitting distance of the UFC or Bellator. If Jake Paul stepped into the cage against a UFC star, you'd get his clock cleaned.

That's just a fact, and everyone who follows fighting knows it. He knocked out Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren in boxing. If he met them in the octagon, they both would have been wiping the floor with his blood.

So, while he will take some MMA fights in the coming years, it won't be against the world's best. That's very on-brand for Jake Paul given what we know about his boxing career.

Will it be fun to watch Jake Paul mix it up in the world of MMA? Without a doubt. Honestly, it will be way more entertaining than his boxing. MMA is just a better sport.

However, it's a shame he couldn't reach a deal to fight the likes of Jorge Masvidal or Kamaru Usman. The PPV price could be $500 and people would still pay it. For now, fans will just have to settle for Paul fighting in the PFL.

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