Instagram Model Claims Jake Paul Is Using Women To Enrage His Ex-Girlfriend

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Jake Paul apparently has no issue getting with women just to spite his ex-girlfriend Julia Rose.

Rumors have been swirling for awhile that Rose and Paul have gone their separate ways, and she hasn’t appeared on his Instagram since December.

Now, Instagram model Sky Bri alleges Jake Paul flew her out to Puerto Rico simply to upset his former girlfriend.

“The first conversation we had was like, ‘This is for clout.’ He was like, ‘At the end of this, I want you to post it.’ … He wanted it to be be very mutually beneficial. Like, ‘You’re going to run with this. You can post about it, get the clout from it, whatever, and I’m probably going to make Julia mad and get the revenge I need.’ So it was very mutually beneficial,” Bri explained while on the “No Jumper” podcast.

Is Jake Paul attempting to get back at Julia Rose?

When you do a quick scan of the internet, there’s not much proof floating around of this alleged trip to Puerto Rico.

If they pair did it for clout, they failed. There’s one photo of Paul on the beach with someone who appears to Bri, but it’s hard to say with complete certainty.

She’s not on his Instagram at all, and he’s not on her’s. That’s not to say they couldn’t have posted on their stories, but there’s no legit post on either feed.

Seems like a bit of a fail if the purpose of the trip was to gain clout and piss off Julia Rose.

If the claim is true, it’s a bit sad, right? It’s a bit weird to fly out an Instagram model in an attempt to get back at your ex-girlfriend, especially when it’s then kept under wraps.

Jake Paul is worth a ton of money, has a boxing career (even if it’s a joke) and should be way too busy to engage in petty social media tactics.

Then again, influencers are among the most soulless people on the planet. You can’t put anything past them. If Sky Bri’s story is true, would it surprise anyone?

Probably not. Not at all.

Sky Bri claims Jake Paul flew her to Puerto Rico. His goal was to upset Julia Rose. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

As for Sky Bri, it definitely doesn’t look like she needs Jake Paul to be famous. She currently already has 1.1 million Instagram followers, and her feed is wild.

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