'Incredible Patriot' Donald Trump Reacts To Mike Leach's Death

Donald Trump released a heartfelt statement on the passing of Mike Leach.

The former Mississippi State football coach, who was an open fan of the 45th President of the United States, died Monday night after suffering a heart attack over the weekend.

Trump believes the world lost a titan with a huge heart.

"Mike Leach was an incredible Patriot and Coach, with a big heart for our Country and for Football. From the very beginning, Mike was on Team MAGA, because he believed in our Great American Dream, something he lived, and helped others to achieve for themselves. My deepest condolences to his wife, Sharon, and family. Coach Mike Leach will be missed by us all," Trump announced Wednesday morning.

There's no question a lot of people share similar thoughts as Donald Trump when it comes to Mike Leach passing away.

Politics aside, pretty much everyone agrees Leach was a hell of a football coach and there's no doubt he was a great American with a big heart.

We're talking about a man who could talk all day about pirates or UFOs and then go hang 600 passing yards on a defense.

He also never shied away about being a fan of Donald Trump. In fact, when Trump ran for President the first time, Leach was one of the few people from the world of sports who openly threw his support behind him over Hillary Clinton.

God bless Mike Leach and his entire family during this incredibly difficult time. Leach won't be forgotten and the world feels like a less fun place without him in it.