'Important Packers Source' Believes Aaron Rodgers Will Return To Green Bay Next Season: Report

Like Aaron Rodgers on ayahuasca, the NFL media is hearing voices. Some strongly suggesting that Rodgers will not be moving on from Green Bay this offseason and will return to the Packers for another year, contrary to all the reported animosity between the two sides.

During an ESPN segment on Rodgers, NFL insider Jeff Darlington disclosed an interesting development in the QB saga, relaying that a "very important Packers source" is confident Rodgers, 39, will return to Green Bay next season.

New Update Teases Rodgers' Return

While possible, the development from Darlington went against the general opinion that Rodgers is done with the Packers.


"Conversations I had with a Green Bay Packers source who believes Aaron Rodgers will be back with the Packers, and all of this is being overhyped," Darlington told ESPN NFL analyst Robert Griffin III.

If a strong source is relaying noise, it's undoubtedly noise that one side of the negotiation really wants out there.

Is there any truth to this new buzz that Rodgers is staying? Depends on which side of the negotiation table you ask.

Team Likely Wants To Keep Rodgers

For starters, it makes sense that the Packers would want to stir all this good word on Rodgers hoping that he'll stay and honor his remaining contract with the team.

In 2022, Rodgers signed a three-year, $150.8 million contract extension, keeping him signed through 2026.

Then there's Rodgers' camp, currently occupied at a zero-sensory spiritual retreat.

The hedonistic Rodgers has been silent on the issue outside of guest spots on The Pat McAfee Show where he essentially states that he's taking his sweet time with the decision.


“The other ideas about trade and whatnot, that’s all conjecture until I decide what I want to do going forward for myself,” Rodgers previously said to McAfee.

Skepticism on a return by Rodgers has recently been fueled by reports that the Packers have been "disgusted" by the QB's lack of insight on his decision.

NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero previously relayed that Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst was enthusiastic with bringing back Rodgers as starting QB.

QB Market Playing A Factor

As for Rodgers, early feedback from the free-agent QB market could persuade him to return to Green Bay. He dipped his toe in and perhaps found the water colder than expected.

Darlington also shared that the New York Jets (a lead suitor in the Aaron Rodgers trade rumors) are going all in on acquiring ex-Raiders QB Derek Carr, even feeding DC fantasies of being a "first-ballot Hall of Famer" if he picks New York.

The pressure remains entirely on Rodgers to file for divorce in this situation or stay put to close out his career with Green Bay.

By most of the optics available, the Packers would possess a greater interest in Rodgers staying, so make of that what you will about Darlington's update.

Rodgers is still the wild card in this decision, and a guy like that is nearly impossible to read or predict. His family could report what they believe his next step will be and still have a 50 percent chance of being right.

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